How to clean virus infected computer without any antivirus program?

Seeing your computer infected with virus can be nightmare for any computer user. Not only viruses seriously disrupt the functioning of your computer, leading to considerable loss of money and time, it also leads to you losing peace of mind. Usually computer users are advised to install effective antivirus programs to prevent any virus attack or fix the infection. But the problem is that these effective antivirus programs are generally costly in nature. However, there are others ways to clean up your heavily infected computer without the use of any expensive antivirus program. For detailed guidance on this topic, contact our antivirus support team.

Reboot your computer

Go to Start menu and click on Restart option to reboot the computer.

Open Safe Mode

While the system is rebooting, repeatedly press F8 key till a screen comes up with a list of booting options. Use your keyboard keys to select Safe Mode among the booting options. Do not select Safe Mode with Networking and Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Open msconfig window

Once the system is logged on, click on Start menu and navigate to Run window. In the Run dialog box, type in msconfig and press enter.

Uncheck virus programs on Startup

In the Microsoft Configuration program, click on Startup tab. There will be a list of programs that run during Startup. Uncheck the virus programs and then press Apply.

Boot the system in Safe Mode with Networking

The computer will restart to apply the changes made in Startup. While it reboots, press F8 repeatedly, till you see the booting options screen. Select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.

Install a free antivirus program

Once the system opens in Safe Mode with Networking, find a free antivirus program in the browser. Go through its official website and install the latest version of the program.

Run the scan

After installing the antivirus program, run a scan and let the program detects and delete any virus threat.

In this way, you will be able to clean any virus infected computer without the use of any expensive antivirus program. For any query or issue related to your antivirus, contact our expert Antivirus Support team.

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